Events in the Main Ring

Cathy handing over fleece after shearing HerdwickThe Main Ring at Mitchell’s is associated with most of our animal-related events including:

  • Sheep shearing demonstrations 
  • Rare breed parade 
  • Assorted talks

But we also try to have something different – from auctions of crafted sheep to presentations on choosing a raw fleece, keep an eye on the Programme once you get to Woolfest and make the most of a chance to sit down too!  Last year Cathy Cassie was back with her demonstation of sheep shearing.  Much loved by many of you and due to return in 2017!  

Peter Titley, former President of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) will again give his fascinating talk about rare and endangered sheep breeds as the various animals are brought into the ring. 

Sue Blacker of Blacker’s Yarns will be giving presentations in the Main Ring as will Alison O'Neil, the Shepherdess, who will talk about Cumbria's native sheep breeds - Herdwick, Swaledale and Rough Fell.  Though Herdwicks and Swaledales are familiar to most, how many of you were previously familiar with the Rough Fell breed?


Peter Titley (RBST) giving rare breed commentary 2016

Sue Blacker's talk on selecting fleece Woolfest 2015

Alison O'Neil taking her sheep to the main ring 2016

Collie sheepdog puppet 2016