Friends of Woolfest

phop stand woolfest 2014Woolfest couldn't take place without the support of a number of groups, organisations and individuals who help us run the event and also those who raise money for various charities that we are delighted to support.

Thanks to everyone who gave time or money to support these important charities this year and look out for them (and others) in the future.


We were very pleased to have P/Hop (Pennies per Hour of pleasure) with us once again.  P/Hop is a knitting community fundraiser for Medécins Sans Frontières. Thanks to all those who donated money in exchange for knitting and crochet patterns. We understand that 445 patterns were taken by visitors, raising £690 for P/Hop.

RBST Wool Creche and Raffle

Not somewhere to leave your partner or child but the ideal spot to leave all those unwieldy bags (especially if you have been buying fleece!) while you carry on looking around Woolfest. The Wool Crêche was organised by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in 2016 and all proceeds went to this important charity. Combined with their raffle of a felted Manx Loaghtan ram (won by visitors from the Isle of Man!),  £325 was raised by RBST.


ROKPA stand 2016We were delighted to welcome ROKPA back to Woolfest in 2016. Their fundraising aids and supports orphaned children in Nepal; even more essential after the recent earthquakes near Kathmandu. They were selling their bamboo socks once more, a real favourite in previous years, and the musicians kindly donated their takings to ROKPA.  A staggering £2915.07 was raised, so thank you to everyone for your financial support.


Our musicians entertain us and give generously of their time every year and they are a vital part of the Woolfest atmosphere. In 2016, they collected donations for ROKPA once more, handing over £330 to this essential charity (see above).  Thank you for your donations which were much appreciated by both the musicians and ROKPA themselves.

Hospice at Home

In 2016, Hospice at Home, West Cumbria, raised £1300 with their guess the number of buttons sheep. Again, thank you for all your support. 

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK had a stand at Woolfest this year (2016) and raised over £800 with their raffle for and sale of Woven Rockpool calendars. Thank you to everyone supporting them in this way.


Winners of RBST raffle 2016


Hospice at Home competition 2016

Diabetes UK at Woolfest 2016