Food and refreshments

The Fairfield restaurant is open throughout Woolfest, serving hot meals, salads, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. There are drinks machines at the rear of the restaurant and a bar where you may pay for hot drinks and snacks from the fridges. 

If you fancy music with your refreshments visit the Square and the Marquee where you will find delicious ewes' milk ice-cream, real coffee and a range of delicious food along with music and a seating area. There is also coffee and music in area K.

In the marquee you'll also find more great food. 

The marquee has plenty of overflow seating and you can take your food there. 

You are also welcome to eat your own picnic in the Square or the Marquee.

Watermill food stand Woolfest 2015

chef at Woolfest 2015

wool clip members enjoying ice cream Woolfest 2014

helpers on fleece stand enjoying ice cream Woolfest 2015