Each year, the stallholder team for Woolfest selects a number of stalls and stallholders for special mention and recognition at the end of the event. These awards are not only for the stall itself, not only for the goods on sale and not only for their contribution to Woolfest but they also recognise the friendliness of the people, their efficiency in dealing with the admin side of things and the general ease of including them in Woolfest. What it says on the certificates and rosettes sums it up - it's for their contribution to general loveliness.

This year's overall winners were John, Sally and Charles Barraclough from Wools of Cumbria Carpets. They've been coming to Woolfest for several years and their stall always looks amazing, they're really supportive on social media in the run up to the event and they're a delight to deal with at every stage, from applications, through insurance details to set up and take down. Thank you to them and they'll be at Woolfest 2020 as the overall prize includes a free and guaranteed single stall.

There were four other "winners" at Woolfest 2019. 

Amongst the craft stalls, Jem Weston and Jenny Pepper were recognised for their contribution to the event and two livestock stalls were recognised too. The Hebridean Sheep Society team of Helen Brewis, Jenny MacLeod and Clare Shevelan (as well as their sheep, including Boulsworth Bertie) and then Robin and Lindy Head (and Hector) of Exmoor Horn Wool were presented with rosettes too.