Food, Drink and Refreshments at Woolfest

Taking part

We’re really pleased that you’re taking part in this year’s Woolfest Online 2021. Even though we’d all love to be gathering in Cockermouth, we hope that we can work together to create plenty of buzz and atmosphere for Woolfest Online 2021.

Here are a few basics around taking part:

  • Join the WOOLFEST Group on Facebook. It’s the Group with a sheep’s head image and 5.8k (and growing) members.
  • Like the Woolfest Page on Facebook as your Page (assuming you have a Page as well as a Profile). This will mean that you can tag each other and we can tag you in posts.
  • Follow @woolfestuk on Instagram as well as #woolfestonline2021.
Your plan of attack
  • Let your customers, friends and family know that you’re taking part. You could post on social media and use one of the square graphics (supplied with your confirmation) on your website – it’s up to you.
  • Once the Schedule of timings is confirmed and online, let people know when you’re going to be “online” too.
  • And let them know what to expect, what to look out for, what’s new etc.
  • As 25 June approaches, post on social media about:
    • your preparations,
    • your online “neighbours” (those posting before and after you in the Schedules),
    • new products, colours and weights.
  • And don’t forget to tag key contacts to join in.
Refreshments at Woolfest
Refreshments at Woolfest
Making the most of your stall/time slot
  • Being too salesy can switch people off.
  • BUT make it easy for people to buy if they’d like to – link to the relevant pages on your website or online shop, mention prices or price ranges.
  • Short videos can be good but don’t make them too long and certainly not your whole 10 minutes.
  • If you are using videos, load them on to YouTube or Vimeo or a similar platform and then post the link into your Facebook post. Uploading videos to Facebook made things really slow last year and some stallholders were unable to load them in time.
  • Use pictures, graphics and montages of pictures to keep things colourful if you can.
  • Focus on your allocated 10 minute slot for posts but you can also interact with comments throughout the event and, if you like, add extra posts after “closing” at 6pm. Our visitors in the US might really appreciate it!
  • You should have a clear run for your 10 minutes and we work hard in the background to ensure that you’re not interrupted and you can make the best use of your slot.
  • Three or four posts during a ten minute time slot worked well for people last year.
  • Try to replicate the Woolfest experience:
    • post about who you are and how you got to be doing what you do,
    • chat about your raw materials, equipment and suppliers,
    • explain your skills and approach,
    • and, of course, post about your finished products and how to buy them.