Here are a few points that we hope will be useful for first time visitors:

Woolfest First Timer Advice

As well as the package of essential information that goes out to all exhibitors and stallholders, we're aware that there are odd hints and tips that might be worth sharing too. We’ve collected advice from regular stallholders and shared some of it here.

Insurance - it is essential that we receive your insurance details in advance of the event – details and deadlines are in the Information for Stallholders document.

Registration - don't forget to sign in at the Information Desk when you arrive (top of The Wool Clip Aisle A), collecting your stallholder information pack, entrance and vehicle passes, and any other important details.  

Things to bring - a rug and dust sheets are good ideas.  The rug means you have something to stand on that isn't solid (and cold) concrete, and the dust sheets mean that you can cover your stall overnight and avoid birds (that get into the Mitchell's roof space) spoiling your stock.  Old newspaper is also useful, as the stalls are washed down before your arrival and can sometimes still be damp in places.

Let visitors know – before the event – we’ll be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ahead of Woolfest and we’d love you to Share our posts and graphics with your own Followers and contacts. If we can help with this at all, please let us know with a Direct Message.

Similarly, please tag #Woolfest2019 or the Woolfest page in your posts so that we can pick up on them and Share.

Let visitors knowat the event - if you're hosting demonstrations, have a chalkboard or similar on your stall with details of what's happening and at what time(s).  Similarly, lots of visitors like to take photographs of the stalls and work - the Programme asks people to check before they do this but put a sign on your stall making it clear if you'd prefer no photography.

Last minute hardware - there is a builder's merchants across from Mitchell's (and it's open until about 6 pm on Thursday evening) if you forget anything for constructing your stand.

Toilet breaks - it's worth pairing up with a neighbouring stallholder so that you can cover for each other on toilet breaks.  To help you beat the queues, there will be special toilets and a refreshment area just for stallholders at the opposite end of Aisle A from the Square. 

Risk assessments - these forms are important for your insurance and application, but they're not just about any chemicals or those sorts of hazards.  It's worth considering loading, unloading and setting up as well as how your display boards are secured, whether there are any trip hazards around your stall and whether people could trap fingers, bang heads or generally hurt themselves on your stall.

Catering - we have arranged for the Fairfield Restaurant at the auction mart to remain open until 9.00pm on the Thursday evening, so you will be able to buy food and drinks during your setting up. It will be open from 7.30am to 9.00pm on Friday and from 7.30am to 6.00pm on Saturday.

If you've got other advice that you think would be useful for new stallholders, please let us know, and we can add it to this page.  Thank you.