Woolfest Setup & Logistics

Full information is supplied as part of the Information for stallholders and the Stallholder rules, and every stallholder has a pack to collect from the Information Desk on arrival at Mitchell’s Lakeland Livestock Centre.

The event venue is available for setting up from 2.30pm on the Thursday before Woolfest and open until 9.00pm. It then re-opens from 8.00am on Friday morning, ahead of the doors opening to visitors at 10.00am.

There are plenty of Mitchell’s staff around to help with parking and also inside to help with tables, but please be patient as there are often lots of demands all at once and the Information Desk may get busy.

If you have queries about set up and the documents supplied and online don’t give the answers, please contact us via the Comment form and one of the organisers will get in touch.