Food, Drink and Refreshments at Woolfest
Fleece animals have always been a popular element of Woolfest. The sounds and smells, the personalities and the experts on hand, they all add to the experience and the atmosphere of the event. We also know that the Rare Breeds Parade in the Main Ring is a highlight for many Woolfest visitors.

Woolfest Online means that this has to be different but we hope that you'll enjoy this year's approach as we create a Virtual Parade on video. Each breeder will explain a bit about their livestock, the husbandry involved and the fleece that's produced as well as the breed's RBST status if it is threatened.
The Virtual Parade will be on Saturday morning, starting at 11.20am, in the WOOLFEST Facebook Group and it will run for about 40 minutes.

We hope that this format will give you plenty of time to find out about the huge range of sheep breeds and other animals in the UK and to celebrate the best of natural fibres.
Refreshments at Woolfest
Refreshments at Woolfest
We are hoping to be able to provide a full list of the Breed Societies taking part at Woolfest Online 2021 along with contact details for those featured in the Virtual Parade.

This information should be available shortly. Thank you.