Food, Drink and Refreshments at Woolfest
Raw fleece for crafters
We're really pleased to welcome back Alison Hewitson and Fyne Fleeces UK to run the online version of our Fleece Sale.

Alison did this last year and it seemed to work well for both sellers and buyers.

Have a look at the Fyne Fleeces UK Page on Facebook to see what's already been posted and to find out more. It's very much a means of putting buyers in touch with sellers with minimum input from Alison and we hope it proves useful again this year.
Advice for sellers

You can post about your own fleeces on the Page and it is best to include as much information as possible so that spinners and other crafters can make a decision based on your post.

As well as clear pictures, it's worth noting the breed, the weight of the fleece (or of each fleece), the price, an indication of cleanliness (any hay or straw or dirt), how to pay (usually PayPal or BACS), location for pick up and/or cost of posting out to the buyer.

Our advice on terms and conditions is that fleeces should only be sent out or handed over once payment has been received.
Refreshments at Woolfest
Refreshments at Woolfest

Advice for buyers

It is very much up to you to ask for any additional information that you need from the farmer or smallholder who is selling the fleece.

We understand that you need to be able to trust the information posted. Our sellers know that craft spinners and others may have further questions and Facebook enables you to contact them directly to ask before buying. So far, the process has worked well.