Woolfest Fleece Sales Information and Advice

A highlight for many is the sale of raw fleeces at Woolfest. Any individual farmer or breeder can enter a maximum of 5 fleeces per breed for sale.

Good fleeces are beginning to command decent prices too. In 2017,  over 500 fleeces were sold in two days, raising well over £5,000 for producers.

Please be aware that all fleeces are sold as seen (there is no time for us to check them all) and prices are set by the seller. We provide empty tables in the Fleece Sale area so that buyers can check fleeces before buying.

As a seller, just bring along your bagged fleece (one fleece per bag and ideally skirted and in good condition), complete the fleece submission forms (including weight) and set your price. The organisers of the fleece sale will keep all records of sale so that producers can collect their money for fleeces sold (minus a small fee) at the end of each day.

Thanks to our friend Sarah Wroot, we have some useful leaflets for those of you hoping to sell fleece next year and those who've bought some and are wondering what to do with it!

You can download them here:

If you buy fleece at Woolfest and don’t want to take it back to your car, look out for the Wool Creche – for a small fee (which goes to the local branch of the RBST who organise the Creche) your fleece will be safe until the end of the day.