The Basics

please ask stallholders if wanting to use camera 2015Here are a few points that we hope will be useful for first time visitors:

  • Emergencies - First Aid is kindly provided by DGW First Aid from St Bees and is located behind the Information Desk in The Square.
  • Chairs - The main seating areas are in the Square and Area K with the music and in the Marquee (through the Square). We try to ensure that there are also extra seats scattered around the show area and visitors are also welcome to sit around the Main Ring when no events are in progress.
  • Toilets - A few toilets, mainly for those needing disabled access, are located near the front entrance. There are also plenty of luxury portable event toilets in blocks outside the Square.
  • Dogs - Woolfest is not really a suitable venue for dogs. We have livestock to consider and would prefer it if you didn't bring your dog to the show. But please DO NOT leave dogs in cars - it is easy to lose track of time or of the weather outside and dogs can die in hot cars. The police and RSPCA will be called to let them out.
  • Big and bulky bags - There is a Wool Crèche where you can leave your shopping. It is organised this by volunteers in aid of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and is clearly marked on the Programme Map. Please ensure you collect your shopping by 15 minutes BEFORE the end of Woolfest each day.
  • Photography - Please ask stallholders before taking photographs and respect signs on stalls which ask you not to take photographs. It is one thing to talk about ideas and inspiration at Woolfest and our stallholders are very generous in talking about their work but some of them have had their ideas "stolen" at events like this.

You can download the Practicalities information pages from the Programme here too.